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  • What size bin do I need?
    Bin sizes are described in cubic metre (m3) dimensions. See our skip sizes for lineal metre dimensions of the height, length and width of each of the m3 sizes. The type of waste and how much you have, will impact on the size skip you will need. . Generally, if you have one trailer load of waste, that would be 2m3 in a bin. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you, to make sure you have the right size bin to remove all the rubbish you require.
  • Will it fit in my driveway?
    Please look at our skip sizes to determine the area needed for each bin size. Remember that roll on roll off bins normally require more space than the skips.
  • Can I insert a How much is it for extra days on top of the hire period?
    Costs will vary based on your location and the size and type of bin. Give us a call to find out if you will require the bin on-site for more days.
  • Do I have to have the bin for the whole hire period? Is it cheaper if I keep it for less days?
    No you don't have to have the bin for whole hire period. Just give us a call as soon as you have filled it and we will put it on the pick-up list. However, it is the same price for the amount of days hired.
  • Do you have a service where someone can come and fill my bin?
    Yes we do. We would need 2 days notice.
  • How much notice should I give to order a bin?
    Generally, a day or two days notice is plenty. However, we can usually arrange same day bookings over the phone depending on location.
  • Do I need a permit for the bin?
    Door 2 Door Bin Hire is fully insured and is registered with most City Councils throughout Melbourne, therefore for any bins that need to go on a road or nature strip, we organise a Council Permit on your behalf. This varies from council to council. It is advisable to check first.
  • How can I pay?
    You can call us and arrange your bin over the phone and pay by direct deposit, cash on delivery or credit/debit card
  • What can I put in the skips & bins?
    Usually, if you can pick it up – you can put it in. However, the exceptions are more important to remember. Mattresses can be placed on top of your bin for a small extra charge. Feel free to let us know of your proposed waste content so we can advise you.
  • How should I load the bin?
    Green waste: Cut into smaller pieces and place any larger heavier pieces on top to compact load down. Soil, rubble, bricks: This material should not go above the top of the bin. General waste: Break down to utilise space efficiently, and once again light waste on the bottom and heavier waste on the top to compact down. Please remember that before we can transport any loads, they must be made safe. Our drivers can advise you should you have any questions. For a larger project, speak to our sales consultants about the cost benefits of sorting your loads.
  • How long can I keep the bin?
    For up to 4 days, negotiable rates are available for longer periods.
  • Do you remove Asbestos?
    Asbestos removal is a specialized area. Due to the nature of asbestos we do not handle it. However If you need, we can put you in contact with a licensed removalist.
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